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Comfort can be a smart investment
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Comfort can be a smart investment

Comfort does not mean just pampering the driver. In fact, many features that are designed to enhance comfort can shorten the payback time. For example, cab suspension can increase working and transportation speeds, which is easy to convert into cost savings. In addition, they help drivers work longer days, put less strain on the machine and improve the quality of work.

Some people believe that real tractor drivers don’t need cushioning – after all, their grandfathers did perfectly well with metal wheels and no tyres! As a result, their grandchildren tend not to select such features as front axle suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension, especially if their financial situation is a little tight (as always). It’s easier to compromise on comfort-related features rather than on the number of hydraulic valves, for example.

However, the world has changed a lot since the time of our grandfathers, and comfort-related features serve a very practical purpose. Even your grandfather would have selected pneumatic front axle suspension if it would have been available at the time. Maybe it would have spared him all his back problems in his old age!

Front axle suspension, cab suspension and seat suspension make it possible to work faster on fields and drive faster on roads. If your working speed increases from 20 km/h to 22 km/h, that’s an increase of 10 percent also in productivity. This alone could pay back the price of the front axle suspension after just one or two harvests. Comfort and health are added bonuses!

valtra t-sarja unlimited traktorin kokemuksia, hyödyt ja mukavuuteen panostaminen
Comfort-enhancing features are often also financially smart investments. Many of them improve productivity, while others cause less stress on the driver and machine. If it is possible to work 10 percent longer thanks to suspension options or 20 percent longer thanks to additional lights, these investments will soon pay for themselves.

Comfort is more than just special equipment

It’s easy to add comfort-related features to your new tractor: suspension options, additional lights, a fridge, a stereo, air conditioning, wipers, auxiliary heaters, and so on. It’s easy to see that many of these benefit not only the driver but also the tractor itself. If the tractor’s engine, cab and maybe even battery have been preheated on a cold winter’s day, jumping in and starting the engine will not stress the driver or the machine.

Many comfort-related features are already designed into the tractor itself and cannot even be ordered separately. Excellent visibility through the large windows, a balanced weight distribution, agility, a spacious cab and high ground clearance are all factors that help make your work more comfortable but can’t be retrofitted. That’s why you should select a tractor brand that prioritises comfort and then customise it with special features and optional equipment according to your own wishes.

A contractor with an impressive customised tractor can stand out from the competition and gain additional orders or a new and motivated employee, which will easily cover the costs of customising his tractor in the first place.

Valtra T214 Versu wins group test

Last spring, the Valtra T214 Versu won a group test of seven tractors organised by leading European tractor journals, including Koneviesti from Finland, Bedre Gardsdrift from Norway, Trekker from the Netherlands and Traktor Tech from Denmark. The test was extremely comprehensive and included test drives and numerous measurements.

Valtra did extremely well in many comfort-related measurements and comparisons. The SmartTouch armrest in particular was considered the best in the industry – another thing that should be kept in mind when selecting a tractor brand and model!

Comfort and ease-of-use were highlighted in many areas, some of which may come as a surprise: Valtra’s hydraulics were the most powerful and easiest to control, the adjustable lower link arm stabilisers were the easiest to use, the storage compartments both inside and outside the cab were praised, the T214 Versu was the fastest tractor in the test but also easy to drive on the road, the headland management system was extremely easy to programme, the oil levels for the hydraulics and transmission were easy to check through the inspection windows, the windshield wipers – covering 270 degrees at the front and with intermittent functions on the side and rear windshields – were appreciated, and even the cab air filter was easy to replace.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. For example, the test team thought the cab suspension allowed too much vertical movement, the side mirrors could be bigger, and the noise level inside the cab was higher than average – although they admitted that this was due to the higher top speed of the Valtra.

To help make these productive and comfort-enhancing features available to more customers, Valtra is now offering a special Comfort package for 50% off on certain tractor models. Find out more!

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