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French Road Directorate selects Valtra and Noremat
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Unbeatable combination

French Road Directorate selects Valtra and Noremat

Valtra Team travelled to Rouen, headquarters of France’s North West Interdepartmental Road Directorate, to meet users of Valtra tractors and Noremat implements. DIR Nord-Ouest is one of 11 French road directorates and is responsible for maintaining over 1000 kilometres of roads and highways in Seine-Maritime, Somme, Eure, Orne, Oise, Indre-et-Loire, Eure-et-Loir, Loir-et-Cher, Manche and Calvados.

Its practical tasks include cutting grass, pruning roadside trees and essential maintenance mainly during the summer from May to October. During the winter months, it prevents slippery conditions by salting and clearing snow. The road directorate also has tasks that may seem unexpected, such as monitoring roads to help prevent accidents and maintain traffic safety.

DIR Nord-Ouest operates a fleet of 1000 vehicles, 750 of which are registered for highway use. Marc Reze is responsible for managing this fleet.

Marc Reze, Guillaume Oger and Sylvain Prouet are satisfied with their tailored Valtra tractors.

“We have an annual budget for systematically replacing the oldest machines, including one or two tractors a year. We buy directly from UGAP, the French public purchasing body. The new tractors go to Noremat for assembly and then to the dealer to be prepared for use. The tractors are delivered directly to the operation centre to which they will be assigned, ready to use,” Reze explains.

Since UGAP started working with Valtra, DIR Nord-Ouest reassessed what kind of tractors are optimal for their use. Altogether, it has a fleet of 40 tractors ranging in out-put from 90 to 200 horsepower. The oldest tractor in the fleet dates back to 2003 and has more than 9000 hours. Their Valtra fleet consists of 7 tractors, comprising six N134 HiTech and one N174 HiTech. They are all equipped with a 2.3-metre Noremat mower at the front and a rear-mounted reach arm mower with a boom ranging from 5.50 to 8 metres.

“We need reliable, robust and comfortable tractors because we work constantly with heavy loads. They have to cope with up to five tonnes over the righthand wheels when the boom is extended,” Reze says.

The Noremat design provides excellent stability.

Many reasons to choose Valtra

New emissions, brake and weight standards have also influenced the choice of machinery, particularly the gross weight rating for mower vehicles. The French Road Directorate chose Valtra in part because it offers the highest gross weight rating in this size of tractors, but also because of Valtra’s unique features, such as TwinTrac reverse-drive system, reversible fan blades, polycarbonate glass and block-pattern tyres – all of which are factory fitted.

“The reversible fan blades are a perfect option when working in dusty conditions. Furthermore, they are delivered on the tractor, so we waste no time in setting up,” Reze adds.

The kinematics of the Noremat arm make it ideally adapted to different tasks.
The telescopic mower arm is exclusive to Noremat.
The kinematics of the Noremat arm make it ideally adapted to different tasks.
The kinematics of the Noremat arm make it ideally adapted to different tasks.

“It is life changing how much more comfortable it is than my old tractor. It isn’t too big, it is very stable and manoeuvrability is better. It’s easy to get used to, even if it has only been a month since it was delivered. The cab is very spacious and has a lot of room. I can also programme my forward and reverse speeds before working,” says Guillaume Oger, one of the drivers of the N174 HiTech.

“If I could have had this tractor when I was a driver, it would have been a luxury,” adds Sylvain Prouet, the team leader in Rouen.

All service and maintenance are performed by local Valtra dealers.

“We get along well with the dealers, which is important because all our machines are maintained by them,” confirms Marc Reze.

The Valtra-Noremat combo is very much appreciated by DIR Nord-Ouest. Ordering directly from the public purchasing body UGAP facilitates decision-making, ordering and deliveries, as the tractors and implements are delivered directly to the centres where they will be in operation. Together, Valtra and Noremat form the perfect partnership for maintaining the green spaces on the roadsides in the north west of France.

Noremat and Valtra Unlimited team up

Noremat has a passion to innovate for professionals

Founded in 1981 in the suburbs of Nancy, Noremat now has 280 employees.

Noremat is a French company that is committed to serving contractors involved in the maintenance of roadside verges and landscapes. Its range of implements and services is referred to in the name of the company: to provide professionals with a NOuvelle REntabilité du MATériel – new efficiency of materials.

Noremat boom mowers have several details that improve driving comfort, ease of maintenance, productivity and durability. By working directly with users – adding up to 25,000 contacts per year – Noremat has innovated and developed a range of 21 side-arm mower models with a lateral range of 4.20 to 8.30 metres. Noremat has 31 French and international patents, and 5.5% of its revenue is invested in R&D, reflecting how Noremat makes innovation a central pillar of its business development.

Founded in 1981 in the suburbs of Nancy, France, Noremat now employs 280 employees and has annual revenues of 62 million euros. The company’s continual growth for almost 40 years can also be attributed to its premium quality service. During the high season, it carries a stock of spare parts corresponding to 2.5 months of use, and 96% of the parts are delivered within 24 hours. The after-sales organisation comprises 52 technical specialists who oversee the start-up of the equipment, provide training to drivers and mechanics, and assist clients on site or by telephone.

Internationally, Noremat relies on a network of partners carefully selected for their professionalism and dedication to providing quality service. Noremat boom mowers are available in thirty countries in Europe, Australia, Brazil and Africa. Noremat implements are now available for Valtra customers via the Valtra Unlimited studio.


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