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Innovation: Drive lever

Drive without using your feet

Drive without using your feet

Valtra’s N and T Series Versu models are the only Powershift tractors in the world that can be driven entirely using just the drive lever. Of course, drivers can still use the drive pedal or change gears manually, as they prefer.

The drive lever is analogue, so it accelerates or engine brakes in relation to how much the lever is moved. It also has a kick-down function that is activated when the driver pushes hard on the lever, selecting a lower gear and accelerating more powerfully.

When operating the tractor with the drive lever, the driver selects the drive speed and the system automatically selects the optimal gear and engine speed. This saves fuel and makes driving incredibly simple. The drive lever also has buttons that control most implement functions, so the other hand can be kept on the wheel at all times.

  • Automatic control using drive lever
    Adjust the driving speed with the drive lever and the system selects the optimal gear and engine speed.
  • Automatic control using pedals
    Adjust the engine speed using the drive pedal and the systems changes gears as required.
  • Manual
    Adjust the engine speed using the drive pedal and select gears using the drive lever.

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