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New turbochargers and hydraulic valve adjustment

Faster response and lower fuel consumption

New turbochargers and hydraulic valve adjustment

Valtra N, T and S Series tractors are getting new engines to comply with Stage V emissions standards. AGCO Power’s Stage IV engines were already very advanced, so it was possible to comply with the new stricter emissions standards with relatively small changes. The new engines will feature hydraulic valve adjustment and completely new software, as well as new turbochargers in some of the engines.

Hydraulic valve adjustment

Hydraulic valve adjustment automatically maintains the optimal valve clearances. This optimises the engine’s performance, thereby saving fuel and extending engine life.

“Hydraulic valve adjustment automatically maintains the optimal valve clearances.”

The biggest savings, however, are in terms of faster servicing. Previously, it could take several hours, depending on the tractor model and specifications, to remove all the components above the engine before the valve cover could be reached. Hydraulic valve adjustment eliminates the need to go through this long procedure in order to manually adjust the valves, saving both time and money.

New software

In order to comply with Stage V emissions standards, the software for the engine control unit of AGCO Power engines has been fully updated. The new software optimises both performance and fuel consumption. The updates also enable the engine to react faster to changes in load.

Even more economical

Stage V engines manufactured at AGCO Power’s Linnavuori plant in Finland feature a new manifold, as well as a new turbocharger on some models. The modifications comply with the latest emissions standards while also reducing fuel consumption by up to 3 percent.

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