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Research confirms TwinTrac saves time and money

TwinTrac reverse drive

Research confirms TwinTrac saves time and money

Valtra’s TwinTrac reverse drive system saves both time and money. According to research carried out by TTS, the Work Efficiency Institute of Finland, working in reverse is 12 percent faster and 11 percent more fuel efficient when mowing, for example. Moreover, the quality of mowing was found to be higher thanks to the better visibility. The optimal ergonomics also mean that tractor operators do not have to twist their necks and look over their shoulders when working.

Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer to offer a reverse drive system as a factory-fitted option. Another option that Valtra offers alongside TwinTrac is the Skyview roof, which is also recommended for forestry tasks and chipping, for example. The TwinTrac system comprises a separate steering wheel and pedals at the rear of the cab, while all the other controls rotate together with the driver’s seat and armrest.

TwinTrac is a big help in a wide range of tasks, including forestry contracting, mulching, chipping, mowing, snow removal, road sweeping, and harvesting fruits and vegetables, such as olives.

Valtra TwinTrac saves time and money

  1. Optimal visibility to the implement.
  2. Operator is closer to implements attached to the powerful rear linkage.
  3. A faster and more efficient way of working, as research confirms.
  4. Available on N, T and S Series tractors with 105–405 horsepower.

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