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Tens of millions of viewers
Valtra World

Valtra and Red Bull team up

Tens of millions of viewers

Red Bull is an energy drinks company that is better known these days as a media company. Whereas it originally sponsored all kinds of wild stunts and extreme sports, it now organises similar events that attract other corporate sponsors who are interested in all the publicity they generate.

“Here in Jyväskylä, Red Bull organised an ice cross downhill skating event that was televised in 21 countries and attended in person by 60 international media correspondents. These Red Bull events attract especially men between the ages of 25 and 35, which is a natural target audience also for Valtra,” says Juuso Raitanen, who was in charge of Valtra’s participation in Red Bull Crashed Ice on 3 February 2018.

High speed action

Ice Cross is a sport invented by Red Bull in which competitors skate down an icy track as fast as possible. The track in Jyväskylä was built at a downhill skiing slope and was much steeper than appears on TV. Each start has four skaters, so there is plenty of contact and crashes in each race. The Jyväskylä track is the only one on the Red Bull tour made from natural ice and also the longest at 630 metres. The total elevation difference of the track is 60 metres.

Valtra and Red Bull teamed up to produce three videos from the event. Valtra tractors were also involved in the event, helping to build the track and on display in Red Bull colours.

Valtra Red Bull tractor for Crashed Ice 2018 event in Jyväskylä, Finland
A Valtra tractor in Red Bull colours was on display at the event.

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