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Valtra’s social media channels – practical and fun
Valtra World

Valtra’s social media channels – practical and fun

Valtra as a global company has a presence in many areas – including in social media. Valtra’s various social media channels provide followers with both practical benefits and fun.

“Valtra is accessible these days through many different channels. We want to build a good community among our followers on social media and provide a forum in which they can discuss everything related to Valtra and express their interest in Valtra as fans and customers. We also like to post tractor photos that our fans have shared with us on social media – it’s a real honour for us to share their photos,” says Laura Kääpä, Communication Officer at Valtra.

Kääpä coordinates Valtra’s global social media content together with a European-wide team. Close collaboration ensures a broad range of content and that all of Valtra’s markets are represented, while also making sure that interesting news reaches all followers.

The same values apply for Valtra in social media than for the entire brand. Honesty and integrity are among the most important of these values.

TWITTER – 611 followers

Twitter is the latest addition to Valtra’s social media presence, offering followers the chance to discuss with other fans and stakeholders using brief messages with no more than 280 characters. Valtra’s Twitter account also provides links to the latest news.

Valtra Twitter


LINKEDIN – 8,800 followers

Valtra’s LinkedIn channel provides information about job openings, the latest news and topical events.

Valtra LinkedIn

FACEBOOK – 409,000 likes

Valtra offers a broad range of content on Facebook – both facts and fun. Each week Valtra shares practical product information, instructional videos, fun competitions, photos by fans and historical photos of old tractors.

Valtra Facebook

YOUTUBE – 18,800 likes, 5.7 million views

YouTube serves as Valtra’s video library. Playlists have been created covering different themes, such as the new SmartTouch armrest and recent trade fairs.

Valtra YouTube

INSTAGRAM – 45,900 followers

Valtra’s Instagram content covers the same themes as on Facebook except with more focus on stunning tractor photos. Followers are also kept up to date about topical themes through photos and videos, for example during trade fairs and other exhibitions.

Valtra Instagram


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